Here is a taste of my journalistic work. I write articles for nationally recognized news sources like Eat This, Not That! and Fodors Travel, alumni magazines, regional publications and more.

Eat This, Not That!

Eat This, Not That! is a national media outlet that gives readers expert tips in health, nutrition, food trends and healthy living. Each article includes advice backed by clinical research and medical experts.

“27 Ways We All Got A Lot Less Healthy During the 2010s”

“The Dangers of Oversleeping This Winter”

“The Year’s Biggest Health Headlines”

“21 Things You Should Never Do in Winter”

“Cures for Every Cold Symptom, According to Doctors”

“15 Ways Your House Mold Is Making You Sick”

“20 Cold and Flu Remedies, According to Medical Experts”

Things You Should Never Do When Someone Has A Seizure”

What You Really Need to Know About Epilepsy”

“40 Ways You’re Treating Your Heart Wrong”

20 Facts That Will Change the Way You Wash Your Hands”

“38 Ways to Live Healthy for As Long As Possible”

“Things You Should Never Do When Someone Has a Seizure”

Fodors Travel

Fodors Travel has been national go-to source for travel advice for more than 80 years.

“10 Disney World Spots for Toddlers (or Even Adults) to Catch a Quick Nap

On Wisconsin Magazine

On Wisconsin Magazine is the official alumni publication of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“May the farce be with you”

“Portraits of compassion”


ISTHMUS is a regional print and digital newspaper for the Madison, Wisconsin reader. It brings a local perspective to national trends and showcases the happenings of the city.

BRAVA Magazine

BRAVA Magazine is a regional print and digital magazine that focuses on women’s issues in Madison, Wisconsin.

“What’s in your sunscreen?”

“Stress Less”

“Inclusive Breast Cancer Treatment”

“In the Hole”